ASTREYA 91 Ltd is a Bulgarian company, established in 2006 in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. The company is the successor to the activity of “Bojanka Makaveeva” ET, founded in 1991 in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, with the same subject of activity.
In the years since its inception, the company has been developing successfully and steadily expanding both its range and the number of employees and markets it offers.

One of the important steps in the process of our expansion was the construction and commissioning of a new larger production facility in the town of Lyaskovets. The significant increase in our production area has made it possible for us to be well placed on the international market even outside the European Union.

At present, ASTREYA 91 Ltd. is one of the steadily developing Bulgarian companies in the segment with the image of a correct partner to its customers, suppliers, employees and consumers. We have built long-term partnerships with established distribution companies, warehouses, exchanges and shops. We successfully sell our products and maintain good business relations with Bulgarian and foreign partners.

Exiting on the international market

The success selling abroad and our willingness to go on the next level
were the reasons to invest in expanding our production bases
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    Export products from 2007 г.

    Exports of products in 13 countries

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    New workshop

    New production facility in the
    town of Lyaskovets from 2014

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    Base upgrade

    The modernization process is related with the project “Developing Competitiveness in 2013”

Years on the trade market

The product list of the company covers over 500 items. The rich variety of our assortment includes sweet and pasta, as well as raw materials for the confectionery industry. The products of “Astreya 91” Ltd. are recognizable on the market under the brand “JANETA”.

Traditional home-made flavors

“JANETA” is well known as brand that provides quality and safe food. This is why it is preferred from the customers

Tiny Sweets

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Easter Cakes

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Boutique Fresh Confectionery

“Astreya 91” has many years of experience in executing individual cake orders
and boutique sweets for various occasions

Every day we communicate with single buyers, huge sellers and producers. This defines our specific place in the trade market. We try to skillfully use the experience at both ends of the chain to create quality and competitive products tailored to contemporary consumer tastes.

Always fresh and delivered in time

We choose the most appropriate time to prepare your order
so you can take it in time but pleasure them fresh and tasty

Inspiration and creativity

We love our work and run each order with attention to
the details and creative inspiration

High variety of design options

We have rich catalog with cakes and sweets,
variety of decoration options that you can use

Personal approach

When taking the order we can help you with combining the flavors
and choosing the decoration style

Our mission is to be part of your everyday joy and of your life celebrations.

To justify our confidence, we strive to use high-quality local raw materials of proven origin,
the purest and most natural products possible and always be up to date.

We thank all our clients and partners who, through ideas, tips and even criticisms, help us to develop and optimize the individual units of the work process and to improve the quality of the products and services we offer!