Our company produces a large assortment of small sweets, dry cakes, rolls, cakes, cookies and various bakery products known on the market under the brand “Janeta”

Our history began in 1991, in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa, as a small workshop for the production of cakes. Over the years, our company has developed successfully – expanding its assortment to over 500 products, opening new sales outlets and production workshops, delivering its products to all parts of Bulgaria and over 13 countries in Europe. For three decades now, thanks to the hard and dedicated work of our team, we have been able to supply our customers with products of excellent quality and superior taste

In March 2014, our completely new production factory opened in the town of Lyaskovets, located on an area of ​​over 4000 m² and equipped with modern and high-tech production lines and equipment.


Our mission is to produce and offer products with superior taste, using quality raw materials and supplies of proven origin. For us, the opinion and evaluation of our customers is of primary importance. Guided by these values, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible products, featuring a variety of tastes and textures.

Quality policy

The entire production process in the factory takes place under conditions of exceptional hygiene and continuous quality control at all points of the production chain. Daily control ensures the high quality of our products. The main priority of the management and employees of our company is the production of quality and safe products that meet the regulatory requirements in Bulgaria and the European Union. Already in 2006, our company introduced a control system – HACCP, guaranteeing that the manufactured products comply with all requirements and meet a high quality standard.

Sweets and bakery products '' Janeta ''

The company’s product list covers over 500 items. The rich variety of our assortment includes sweets and bakery products, as well as materials and supplies for the confectionery industry. The products of “Astreya 91” LTD are recognizable on the market under the “JANETA” brand. It is an established guarantor of quality and safe food, a preferred choice for a wide range of consumers.